Russo & Graham Representative List of Verdicts and Settlements

$4,000,000  Dental Malpractice/Consumer Protection Act Settlements

$5,000,000 Product Liability Verdict: Defective Bailing Machine (with Connelly Law Firm)

$4,000,000 E-Coli Tainted Hamburger Settlements

$2,700,00  Jury Verdict: Negligent Road Design – Bike/Semi collision (Quintanilla v. City of Seattle)

$3,000,000+ in Private Trial Verdicts

$1,750,000 Settlement: Hospital Negligent Placement of Infant picc Line

$1,250,000 Wrongful Death Settlement: Failure to Diagnose Heart Attack

$1,000,000 Wrongful Death Settlement: Failure to Diagnose Esophageal Cancer

$1,500,000 Settlement: Hospital Negligence Causing Birth Trauma

$1,000,000 Settlement: Hospital Negligence for Removal of Breathing Tube

$750,000 Wrongful Death Settlement: Excessive Use of Anesthetics

$2,000,000 Settlement: Failure to Diagnose End Stage Renal Failure in 27 year old

$750,000 Settlement: Truck-Auto crash (soft tissue injuries)

$1,450,000 Settlement: Automobile Collision with Traumatic Brain Injuries (represents policy limits settlements from all six applicable insurance policies)

$200,000 Settlement: Negligent Road Design – Scooter/Automobile Collision